Wednesday, 5 July 2017

DANNY ELBERT ...Scammer was fake fundraising for an Orphanage

  • Captain at U.S. Army Special Operations Command
  • Lives in Orleans, New York
  • Divorced
  • From Orleans, New York
FAKE ... After warning women on the profile and the fake Orphanage the scammer has closed the timeline !!
He has changed the profile picture and removed the Army bits !!

WHEN I FIRST SAW THIS FAKE PROFILE HE WAS RAISING MONEY FOR A FAKE ORPHANAGE... Once that was commented on it was removed. Quickly.
The profile picture is taken from Army stock images easily found online.
Name Badge says Begin

YOU ARE NOT TALKING TO THE PERSON IN THE PICTURES.. These have been stolen and they are innocent of all of this. They are victims.

ALWAYS GOOGLE IMAGES. Or you can use TINEYE. There are other apps you can get for mobiles.. Free Apps. This can be your best friend. It can be the difference between being scammed and not.

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